Sabtu, 26 Maret 2016

Twelve years ago today, a very nervous, and much skinnier Joanna, waited in front of The Empress hotel in Victoria, BC, for a young man she had known for 9 months and never seen a picture of.

Twelve years ago, Barry and I met in person for the very first time after talking for nine months via phone, email, and yahoo messenger.  I fell in love with him before I even met him, and vice versa.   I knew that even if he was a total toad, I couldnt ever say no to him, I wanted to marry him that bad.

Twelve years ago today, at 6PM, Barry proposed to me.  He proposed the day we met in person.  And we were married three months later.

I cant believe it has been 12 years since August 28th, 1999.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  Ive always wanted to go back to the place where we were engaged, but havent been able to do so.  Partly due to the fact that its in Canada, and a pain in the ass to get to Victoria with four kids, but also...because Im a little scared.  I will go back one day, but I dont know when yet.

I have a picture of Barry and I from the day we got engaged, and I wish I had a way to scan it for you all.  My scanner is acting up and I cant figure out how to work it.

I still cant believe it has been 12 years ago that we met and got engaged.  I miss him so much.  I wish I could hear him tell me how proud he is of me right now, how much he loves me, how awesome I am doing.  But all I can do is hear him in my head.  At least I have that right?  I can hear him talking to him...and while I cant hear his voice very well right now, I know exactly what hed be saying to me.

I love you Barry.

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