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How to document your weight loss journey | best way for you to document your journey __ how to document weight loss journey info https://www.blackweightlosss... skip navigation sign in. Hunter hobbs documented his weight loss journey over three months with a video a day as he went from 202 lbs. to 160 watch this man's weight loss journey from 202 lbs. to 160 lbs. in hyperlapse. Open a new excel document. you can see the ups and downs in your weight loss journey. open the excel fluent ribbon by going to the insert tab and then selecting charts. a number of different chart templates will appear in the upper left corner of the spreadsheet. this version of how to create a weight loss chart was reviewed by courtney.

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I started my blog to document my weight loss journey. i shared my experiences with meal prep, make-ahead healthy recipes, along with creating different habits to keep me out of the “hot zones”. i also love to share posts that inspire people to change.. Today, i’m 100 pounds lighter than i was when i started my weight loss journey. my story is not one of overnight success. i didn’t take a magic pill. great job on your weight loss. i would like to document my journey... i need to lose about 125 lbs. reply. becky on april 16, 2018 at 8:34 pm. Rekik neway, 20, was over 200lbs at her heaviest but started her weight loss journey in april 2017 shedding over 30lbs in just four months by going vegan and getting to 167.8lbs by august 2017..

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