Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

I was doing a little search on the internet to see what the ideal body fat percentage is for men and women.  I had seen before that the low side of Normal for a woman is 25%, so thats what I have been shooting for.  I was using a chart similar to this:


Today, I found this chart, which adjusts body fat by age:

According to this chart, the low side of average (called Healthy on this chart) is not 25%, but somewhere around 30%.  Hmmm...  I always have thought that there was no way I was ever going to make it down to 25% body fat.  Maybe 30% is more realistic for a woman my age.  My age today is 56 and 1/2.

Here is my old dream goal:
132 pounds
11.875" neck
26.125" waist
37.25" hips
0.701 waist-to-hips ratio
25% body fat (33 pounds)
75% lean body mass (99 pounds)

Here is my new dream goal:
136 pounds
11.875" neck
27.625" waist
39.5" hips
0.699 waist-to-hips ratio
30% body fat (40.8 pounds)
70% lean body mass (95.2 pounds)

If I ever make it to there and it seems like I could go lower on body fat percentage, I can always reevaluate...

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