Sabtu, 06 Februari 2016

From a recent article in The Examiner:

Federal nutrition programs such as the school lunch and WIC programs adhere to these guidelines. The grain-focused, low-fat nutrition policy has not helped Americans live healthier lives. An estimated 42 percent of the U.S. adult population is projected to be obese by 2030.  (emphasis mine)

The Worst Advice.  Ever.
It is wrong for federal guidelines to promote behaviors that might increase our risk of obesity and heart disease. Instead of grains, USDA policy should recommend that we eat mostly vegetables, protein and healthy fats to reduce the prevalence of obesity and its associated health problems, such as Type II diabetes and heart disease. (emphasis mine)  Research shows that a lower carb diet, like the Paleo diet, can result in weight loss, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, improved metabolic syndrome risk factors, and reduced risk of developing heart disease. While critics of low-carb diets suggest that replacing grains with fat and protein will damage our hearts, there is evidence that this is untrue. A long-term longitudinal study, published six years ago in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that lower carb diets with increased amounts of protein and fat did not increase coronary disease risk.

Read the full article here.

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