Jumat, 05 Februari 2016

As Thanksgiving gets closer, so does the perfect opportunity to cheat on your diet. Unfortunately eating forbidden food will come with consequences. Not all of these are obvious consequences, though. So let me be the one to share an experience that taught me the hard way that it is never worth it to cheat on your diet.

I was doing really well with sticking to protocol. Occasionally I had a little slip, but nothing major. However, this weekend I more than slipped. I basically did a diet belly flop into the deep end.  I cheated big time.

It started off at a small burrito shack. Im not talking any burrito shack, it was Betos. They sell burritos bigger than your face and they are filled with all kinds of fatty, carbo-loaded deliciousness. I usually go to sleep at 10:30 p.m., but after a long night out with friends 1:30 a.m. arrived and brought my appetite to join the party. Maybe I was just incredibly sleepy and in an altered state of mind, but I swear that burrito was calling my name. In order to silence it... I took bite after bite until it was gone. I wish I could say that was the end, but when I woke up the next day I caved to some curry and cake as well.

The next day I woke up and wasnt feeling too hot. I wasnt even going to weigh myself knowing that I probably gained 4 pounds.

I went into work trying to pretend like the feeling in my stomach could be attributed more to shame than nausea. I was praying that no one would ask me how my diet went over the weekend, too.

Now let me just say, it takes a lot for me to throw up. And by a lot I mean the last time I threw up was almost a year ago from eating bad sushi. However, yesterday that all changed. I couldnt even make it through an hour of work before I was hugging the toilet in a public restroom.  

I was terribly sick yesterday. Im slowly starting to realize since changing my eating habits during the course of this diet, my body is more sensitive to impulse binges.

Today I feel better physically, but emotionally the consequences of cheating are still lingering. The satisfaction from eating the foods I was craving is now gone, and all thats left are the 4 pounds I gained from the bad behavior. 

Trust me when I say its not worth it. You may not get as sick as I did, but that satisfaction is fleeting, and discouraging. Your long term healthy goals are so much more important than satisfying a temporary craving.

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